The Importance of Getting Your House Prepared for the Market

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Once you have made the choice to sell your home, do not just assume it’s ready to be put on the real estate market. The first thing you need to do is take a step back and look at your house from a buyer’s point of view. Ask yourself if the house is looking the best it absolutely can be. Ask yourself what changes need to be made before it goes to the market. Let’s admit that you do want the best dollar value for your house.

Even if you think your house is in decent condition, you still need to look for anything – even the small things- that could use repairs or renovations. You have to remember that a potential buyer will can notice anything. The smallest flaw could stop someone from making an offer on your house. First impressions are vital and renovations that are well planned out will help increase the selling price of your house.

A place to start is painting any room that is looking a little dull. A fresh coat of paint can really bring any room to life.  Rooms like typically need makeovers are kitchens and washrooms. Consider new flooring as well. This is all about curb appeal.

De-cluttering is also recommended. By simply removing unneeded items will make your house seem much bigger.  Some things you need to ask yourself before you start to de-clutter are: Do I really need this stuff? Do I have duplicates of any of these items? Are these items useful? Are they up-of-date?

Some other key tips for getting your house ready for the market include are taking your pets away from the house during potential buyer showings and make sure your attic, basement and garage are clutter free, just like any other room in your house.

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The weekly history lesson: PAMA

If you are a history junkie, then the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives (PAMA) is a place I recommend you visit some time! PAMA is a museum, art gallery and archives for all of Peel Region.

Located in beautiful Brampton, PAMA was formerly called the Peel Heritage Complex, and it opened its doors in 1968. The original facilities were the Peel County Courthouse, the Peel County Jail, the Peel Count Office Building and the Registry Office. The courthouse and the jail were both built in 1867, and the Registry Office opened in 1890. The Peel County Office Building opened in 1959. When the facility opened on November 17, 1968, professionally designed exhibits were showcased. The focus was on a mixture of the Peel Region rural past life and life of the present.

The Region of Peel took over the complex in 1984, and architect Carlos Ventin was brought in to redesign the Peel County Jail and the Peel County Registry Office and build a new building. The well designed architecture won the 1986 City of Brampton Award of Excellence, Development Design Awards and the Ontario Renews Award from the Ministry of Housing for Non-residential Renovation in 1987.

When Great Depression displays were featured, the complex drew criticism from some folks who lived throughout the era. By 1987, a estimated 18000 visited the facility and by 1989, attendance grew to 24000. In the spring of 2010, the Peel Heritage Complex closed its doors for renovations, and it reopened as the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives in 2012.

Here is the official website for PAMA:

I recommend reading up on all the interesting info and details about PAMA! I promise you won’t be disappointed!