The weekly history lesson: Taking a look at the Rose Theatre

Brampton has many jewels and gems to see and visit. One of the gems in Brampton is the Rose Theatre, a fantastic performing arts complex. This awesome theatre is located in Brampton’s beautiful downtown core. It has a main performance hall that can seat up to 880 people, but there also is a smaller hall that can seat up to 160 people. These performance halls are used for many different purposes such as musical theatre, live theatre, social events, dance performances and different kinds of concerts.

(Photo courtesy Wikipedia)

The Rose Theatre was built to be a major tourism destination in the Flower City, and it was hoped that it could bring in new business to local Brampton stores and restaurants. In February 2006, the name of the theatre was announced as the Rose Theatre. On September 29, 2006, the theatre had its grand opening with Canadian jazz pianist and singer, Diana Krall, who put on a terrific performance. Over the years, the theatre has attracted many visitors annually who spend thousands of dollars.

Here is the website for the theatre and a 2007 article on the theatre. Make sure to come check out a show at this amazing state-of-the-art theatre!

Which companies are the top employers in Brampton? I have the answer for you!

The city of Brampton is known for a lot of things. It’s a city known for having residents who more than 70 languages. It’s a city known for having over 4, 000 acres of parkland.

It’s a city known for being one of Canada’s biggest cities – 9th biggest!

But Brampton is a city that has a variety of different employers. Yes, the province wide economy is still a little sluggish, but here is a list of the top 5 Brampton employers! Pretty impressive, I must say!

1. Rogers Communications Inc.
8200 Dixie Road
4, 500 Fulltime employees

2. Chrysler Canada Brampton Assembly Plant
2000 Williams Parkway E.
3, 437 Fulltime employees

3. Loblaw Companies Ltd.
1 Presidents Choice Road.
3, 200 Fulltime employees

4. Maple Lodge Farms
8301 Winston Churchill Blvd.
1, 600 Fulltime employees

5. Canadian Tire Corp
8550 Goreway Drive
920 Fulltime employees

Here is a list of other top employers in Brampton: