MS Walk in Brampton a HUGE success!

According to, multiple sclerosis is defined as a chronic autoimmune disorder affecting movement, ensation, and bodily functions. It is caused by destruction of the myelin insulationcovering nerve fibers (neurons) in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).’


MS is a disease that affects millions of people around the world. A disease needs a cure. In fact, Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world. Every year I enjoy – like many others – participating in the annual MS Walk. This event happens in many communities. This year, more than 14,000 Ontario residents put on their shoes for the walk. The MS Walk in Brampton happened at the Heart Lake Secondary School in the north end of the Flower City. Participants were able to do the 4K, 7K and 10 K walk. I was lucky enough to have my wonderful wife, Tamara and my kids join me for the event. In the end, more than $92,000 was raised!


A worthy cause to fight a terrible disease.


The 2015 National Home Show

In Toronto? Looking for something fun to do? The 2015 National Home Show could be what you are looking for!

Taking place at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto’s Exhibition Place, the National Home Show, presented by RE/MAX, this is North America’s largest home and garden event. There are lots of great things to see at this awesome, such as, Family Day Fun, The Ultimate Background and Destination Renovation. The event started on March 13th and will end on the 22nd.

Here is a short video of mine from the event, plus a few photos!

10452375_945146678849118_7213488636085859973_n 10999010_945158715514581_5783755299494196983_n 11058420_945163882180731_2182031792907049655_n

Here are some interesting trivia about this yearly event from the National Home Show website (

Who Attends

  • 94% are homeowners
  • 62% attend to see new products
  • 79% will only attend our show
  • $100,000+ average household income – our attendees will spend $543,854,800 – $836,890,400 with companies who participate in the show within the next 12 months
  • 70% are 35-59 years of age
  • 52% are female, 48% are male
  • 76% came in search of new ideas & inspiration
  • 79% talked to exhibitors about a project they are working on
  • 37% came  to buy a specific product or service. 
Why They Attend

  • 62% are looking for Gardening (landscape or patio deck project)
  • 47% are looking for Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation
  • 49% are looking for Home Decor/Design Project (painting, new home furnishings)
  • 32% are looking for Doors/Windows and or Flooring
  • 23% are looking for Exterior of House (roofing, siding, driveway, garage)
  • 11% are looking for Building a new house/vacation home
  • 27% are looking for Home Electronics/Lighting/Appliances
  • 23% are looking for Energy Efficiency upgrades/Green Products
  • 20% are looking for Contractor/Service (painter, renovator, organizer)

Good times at the 2015 Brampton New Year’s Levee

Did some say free food, good music and great people?!

This past was the 2015 Brampton New Year’s Levee. Normally the event takes on January 1st of each year, however, this year the Levee was pushed back to January 10th to give city hall staff extra time with family and friends.

The event this year was an absolute blast! Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey and her city council met and chatted with the dozens and dozens of local residents who came out. There were free treats and coffee and live music. Take a look at the short video and a few photos.

NewYearLevee3 NewYearLevee NewYearLevee2 NewYearLevee4

The weekly history lesson: Carabram and the diversity in Brampton

When you spend a lot of time in the city of Brampton, you can’t deny how multicultural it is. The fact that over 70 different languages are spoken in the Flower City tells you how diverse the city is. According to, as of the year 2011, the top 5 languages spoken in Brampton are English, Panjabi, Urdu, Portuguese and Guajarati. Cool, right!

Every July the city celebrates its diversity with the Carabram Brampton Multicultural Festival, a fun event where you can learn and celebrate different cultures. Carabram, which is a non-for-profit organization, began in 1982, and it is an important yearly event for Brampton, as it is known throughout the entire country. Around an amazing 60,000 people visit this festival each year. Some of these visitors are coming as far away as Germany and Scotland! A variety of different cultures have been represented at Carabram, too. Africa, Caribbean, Chile, Hispanic, Mexico and Romania are just a few of many!

This terrific event has become so popular that in 1995, Carabram was given the Y.M.C.A. World Peace Medallion for contributing to the positive, growing image of the Brampton community. Now that is impressive! Beyond the festival, Carabram gets involved with a lot of other Brampton community events, such as Canada Day festivities and the Santa Claus parade.

So, when Carabram celebrations start up this July, swing by to see just how diverse beautiful Brampton really is!

You can access more info on Carabram here:

Now that is what I call a great Santa Claus Parade!

I love it when the Brampton community gets together for a special event and this past weekend was a very special, very Christmasy event! It was the annual Brampton Santa Claus Parade. Every year Brampton residents are treated to some fantastic floats, cool characters, fun tunes and some terrific entertainment. This year, dozens and dozens my fellow Bramptonians and I enjoyed one heck of a great parade. Need proof? Take a look at this short video and some photos! Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!

13255_876672642363189_7928334912972050086_n 64385_876684289028691_2454472189428762838_n 10393154_876672785696508_8710949589157754888_n 10500247_876684275695359_4555357417623157901_n