Want to paint like a pro? Here are some great tips!


As a real estate agent who has been in the realty industry for close to 30 years now, when someone or a couple or a whole family is looking sell their home, I have recommended that if the walls need sprucing up, a fresh job is a good idea.

On a diynetwork.com article, there is a list of great painting tips that I would like to share with all of you:

2. Paint like a pro.
Painting is your chance to show off your skills. Use an edge pad for clean lines around doorframes, ceiling edges and corners so your walls look great — down to every last detail.

6. Put your sandwich bags to work.
Slip a small plastic bag over your doorknobs and tape the edge to avoid getting paint in places it wasn’t meant to go. You’re so resourceful.

12. Take away the shine.
Paint doesn’t always adhere to glossy surfaces. We recommend using a light grade sandpaper to take the gloss off the surface so your new paint sticks like it should.



Springtime in Brampton


We FINALLY have the warmer weather we have been waiting for in my city of Brampton, Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and all over Canada. I’ve seen so many Brampton residents and neighbours loving the sunshine, the parks, walking trails and much more. From Chinguacousy Park to the Heart Lake Conservation Area, springtime in Brampton is pretty great.

For a visual look at how great it can be, take a look at this short video of mine:


Weekly History Lesson: A guide to Brampton’s heritage and history

In my last Weekly History Lesson post, I laid out key notes of Brampton’s interesting heritage. The Flower City really does have such rich history that the city is quite special and unique. If you want a really great overview of Brampton’s history, I have a wonderful guide for you to view!

“A Walk Through Time”



According to the City of Brampton’s website (www.brampton.ca):

The City of Brampton is committed to the preservation of its significant heritage and cultural resources through:
a) Identifying all heritage resources
b) Protecting and conserving all heritage resources
c) Promoting public awareness and enjoyment of these resources
d) Ensuring the City sets up policies and practices to manage land use wisely

Family Day in Brampton

What’s better than sending time with your family? Nothing!

Family Day happens every 3rd Monday of February with the exception of British Columbia where it happens the 2nd Monday of February.

Today – February 16 – was Family Day in Ontario. And it was a BLAST! There was LOTS to do all over Brampton.


Families enjoying Mega Lego Build at Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library.

10978509_931113033585816_7886343738186622035_n 10382827_931108293586290_6708074945547569913_n So many families came out to enjoy a Family Day free skate at Brampton’s Cassie Campbell Community Centre, and former NHL star Al Iafrate is signing autographs.

10990274_931138736916579_3180064000221056460_n 10988495_931138693583250_4635141540660472505_nChinguacousy Park is a great place to go to on Family Day!

The weekly history lesson: Brampton is one of the safest communities

There is a lot to like about Brampton, Ontario. It’s close to multiple post-secondary schools, it’s one of the largest cities in Ontario, more than 70 different languages are spoken in the city and there is over 400 acres of parkland. What’s even more impressive about Brampton is it considered one the safest cities!


In 2007, the International Sake Community by the World Health Organization designated Brampton as one of the safest cities in North America and the first Greater Toronto Area city to earn the designation! The Flower City earned the designation for a few reasons, such as strong, long-term programs that cover all ages and genders.

In 2012, Brampton was recognized globally once more as a safe city by the World Health Organization… The coolest part about that is only 274 communities made the list and Brampton was one of seven Canadian communities on the list! According to a 2012 Brampton Guardian article, more than 300 safety programs are functioning in the Flower City.  These programs teach local residents how to protect themselves.

In addition, each year, a few local Brampton residents become the recipients of the annual Brampton Safe City Awards. Congrats to the 2014 winners! Well deserved!

Click the following links for more info on why Brampton is considered such a safe city!




Good times at the 2015 Brampton New Year’s Levee

Did some say free food, good music and great people?!

This past was the 2015 Brampton New Year’s Levee. Normally the event takes on January 1st of each year, however, this year the Levee was pushed back to January 10th to give city hall staff extra time with family and friends.

The event this year was an absolute blast! Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey and her city council met and chatted with the dozens and dozens of local residents who came out. There were free treats and coffee and live music. Take a look at the short video and a few photos.


NewYearLevee3 NewYearLevee NewYearLevee2 NewYearLevee4

The weekly history lesson: Carabram and the diversity in Brampton

When you spend a lot of time in the city of Brampton, you can’t deny how multicultural it is. The fact that over 70 different languages are spoken in the Flower City tells you how diverse the city is. According to brampton.ca, as of the year 2011, the top 5 languages spoken in Brampton are English, Panjabi, Urdu, Portuguese and Guajarati. Cool, right!

Every July the city celebrates its diversity with the Carabram Brampton Multicultural Festival, a fun event where you can learn and celebrate different cultures. Carabram, which is a non-for-profit organization, began in 1982, and it is an important yearly event for Brampton, as it is known throughout the entire country. Around an amazing 60,000 people visit this festival each year. Some of these visitors are coming as far away as Germany and Scotland! A variety of different cultures have been represented at Carabram, too. Africa, Caribbean, Chile, Hispanic, Mexico and Romania are just a few of many!

This terrific event has become so popular that in 1995, Carabram was given the Y.M.C.A. World Peace Medallion for contributing to the positive, growing image of the Brampton community. Now that is impressive! Beyond the festival, Carabram gets involved with a lot of other Brampton community events, such as Canada Day festivities and the Santa Claus parade.

So, when Carabram celebrations start up this July, swing by to see just how diverse beautiful Brampton really is!

You can access more info on Carabram here: