4 Tips to Organize Your Garage this Summer

Summer is practically here! Which means you’ll probably be outside every chance you get because we Canadian’s don’t waste a second indoors while the weather is above 0, am I right? Thought so. A great project to get done before the beautiful summer weather arrives is to organize your garage. It makes doing outdoor projects and activities so much easier and more enjoyable when you don’t have to go searching through a pile of dirty stuff to get what you’re looking for. Not only that, the garage can be yet another room for prospective home buyers to fall in love with. Who doesn’t like a beautiful, clean, and organized garage? 

Here are a few tips to get a perfectly organized garage this summer:

1) Hooks, hooks, hooks!

Hooks are so useful when organizing a garage. You can use them to hang bikes, ladders, gardening equipment, shovels, hoses, brooms, the list is endless! 

2) Muffin tins

Huh? Muffin tins in the garage? Weird, right? Maybe, but they can definitely be useful for storing small things like nails and screws. Such a clever idea!

3) Pegboards

No garage is complete with out a handy dandy pegboard. Perfect for storing small gardening tools as well as hand tools. 

4) Take advantage of overhead storage

Attach some hooks, or PVC pipes to the ceiling of your garage for even more storage space!

So there are just a few ways to organize your garage. Click here for the whole article (or copy and paste the link below) with even more great tips. I highly recommend checking it out. Happy organizing!



The weekly history lesson: Carabram and the diversity in Brampton

When you spend a lot of time in the city of Brampton, you can’t deny how multicultural it is. The fact that over 70 different languages are spoken in the Flower City tells you how diverse the city is. According to brampton.ca, as of the year 2011, the top 5 languages spoken in Brampton are English, Panjabi, Urdu, Portuguese and Guajarati. Cool, right!

Every July the city celebrates its diversity with the Carabram Brampton Multicultural Festival, a fun event where you can learn and celebrate different cultures. Carabram, which is a non-for-profit organization, began in 1982, and it is an important yearly event for Brampton, as it is known throughout the entire country. Around an amazing 60,000 people visit this festival each year. Some of these visitors are coming as far away as Germany and Scotland! A variety of different cultures have been represented at Carabram, too. Africa, Caribbean, Chile, Hispanic, Mexico and Romania are just a few of many!

This terrific event has become so popular that in 1995, Carabram was given the Y.M.C.A. World Peace Medallion for contributing to the positive, growing image of the Brampton community. Now that is impressive! Beyond the festival, Carabram gets involved with a lot of other Brampton community events, such as Canada Day festivities and the Santa Claus parade.

So, when Carabram celebrations start up this July, swing by to see just how diverse beautiful Brampton really is!

You can access more info on Carabram here:


Which companies are the top employers in Brampton? I have the answer for you!

The city of Brampton is known for a lot of things. It’s a city known for having residents who more than 70 languages. It’s a city known for having over 4, 000 acres of parkland.

It’s a city known for being one of Canada’s biggest cities – 9th biggest!

But Brampton is a city that has a variety of different employers. Yes, the province wide economy is still a little sluggish, but here is a list of the top 5 Brampton employers! Pretty impressive, I must say!

1. Rogers Communications Inc.
8200 Dixie Road
4, 500 Fulltime employees

2. Chrysler Canada Brampton Assembly Plant
2000 Williams Parkway E.
3, 437 Fulltime employees

3. Loblaw Companies Ltd.
1 Presidents Choice Road.
3, 200 Fulltime employees

4. Maple Lodge Farms
8301 Winston Churchill Blvd.
1, 600 Fulltime employees

5. Canadian Tire Corp
8550 Goreway Drive
920 Fulltime employees

Here is a list of other top employers in Brampton:


Remembrance Day in Brampton

November 11th is a very important day all over the world. In the USA, the day is called Veterans Day. In Canada and many other countries such as Australia, November 11th is called Remembrance Day. The day marks a memorial day of reflection of those brave men and women who serve to protect our freedom and the ones who have lost their lives fighting for that freedom.

In Brampton, the Remembrance Day ceremony and parade was absolutely fantastic and quite emotional. Hundreds of residents showed to observe, take part and to give thanks. Brampton is a strong community and this ceremony is further prove of that. Here are two short videos and a few photos from the event.

Lest We Forget.


Remembrance Day Pic 5

Remembrance Day Pic 6

Importance of the Remembrance Day poppy

Every November 11th of each year, we Canadians remember those who go to war so we can continue to have our freedom. It’s an important day all over Canada. The Remembrance Day poppy is the symbol we wear. Click the link and take a read why the poppy is so important.