Springtime in Brampton


We FINALLY have the warmer weather we have been waiting for in my city of Brampton, Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and all over Canada. I’ve seen so many Brampton residents and neighbours loving the sunshine, the parks, walking trails and much more. From Chinguacousy Park to the Heart Lake Conservation Area, springtime in Brampton is pretty great.

For a visual look at how great it can be, take a look at this short video of mine:



Do you have allergies? Here is how you allergy-proof your house!

Well, spring is finally here. The warmer weather, the grass is growing in and all that fantastic sunshine. But with spring here, like so many people, allergies start to pop up. The sneezing, the runny noses, the shortness of breath – ugh! What if you could allergy-proof your home so that your springtime allergies aren’t hitting you so hard?

In a great thisoldhouse.com article there are 13 recommended ways to allergy-proof your home. Take a moment to read this article:


The steps to stage your home

Looking to sell your home? Good! First, I suggest you call Sandy and start packin’ (I had to throw that in there. :P) and second, you should start staging your home. The truth is, if you want sell your home quicker, you have to do some work on your home. It’s time to make your house look from average to awesome!

An online article from hgtv.ca posted 9 fantastic steps to staging your home so you can sell it faster. Here are a few of those steps:

1) De-Clutter

The first step in getting ready to sell is de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter so potential buyers aren’t overwhelmed by your stuff, but rather impressed by your home. Counters and other surfaces should be kept clear and any furniture that isn’t needed stored away. The good news about this tedious task is packing and purging will make moving day that much easier.

4) But Don’t Touch the Nursery!

Although the nursery and childrens’ rooms should be de-cluttered and tidied as well, personal effects can remain as they are. There’s something reassuring and touching about seeing a baby’s room that can mean all the difference to a potential buyer (especially ones that are starting a family).

8) Draw Attention to Selling Features

As a general rule closet doors should be kept closed, but if there’s a walk-in that should be noticed, a small note to alert potential buyers is ok.

Here is the whole article. Recommended! 🙂


A dozen awesome tech tools to help sell your house

In the world of real estate, good advertising is important. VERY important. Word-of-mouth is great, yes, but if you want to succeed as a real estate agent, you have to sell yourself, your skills, the homes you have on the market and the areas you service. Flyers, brochures, all of that are all vital, however, we live in a digital world. Technology keeps changing – it is becoming bigger and bigger. Now it’s critical for realtors to embrace the digital world to help sell houses in the wobbly market.

According to an article featured on money.usnews.com, there are 12 FANTASTIC tech tools to help sell your home quicker. Here are a few from the article:

Maps. Maps on agents’ websites, the real estate portals, local property appraisers’ websites and Google Earth all enable buyers to see what’s around a home they’re considering, whether it’s convenient shops and services or an eyesore.

Drone photography. Drones are being used by more companies to take aerial photos of large properties and more expensive homes with views.

Social media. Adam Briley says his team finds Facebook to be a powerful marketing tool, and his agents encourage sellers to share their listings with friends. “Social media is actually huge for us,” he says. Of the 105 homes the team has sold this year, he estimates that 25 were sold through Facebook. “Anyone who’s not getting on social media and using it to their advantage is going to be behind the times,” he says.

Social Media, for me, is huge. I’m growing my social media presence because I know that as a professional real estate agent, I need to compete in this digital market.

Here is the article:

The 2015 National Home Show

In Toronto? Looking for something fun to do? The 2015 National Home Show could be what you are looking for!

Taking place at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto’s Exhibition Place, the National Home Show, presented by RE/MAX, this is North America’s largest home and garden event. There are lots of great things to see at this awesome, such as, Family Day Fun, The Ultimate Background and Destination Renovation. The event started on March 13th and will end on the 22nd.

Here is a short video of mine from the event, plus a few photos!


10452375_945146678849118_7213488636085859973_n 10999010_945158715514581_5783755299494196983_n 11058420_945163882180731_2182031792907049655_n

Here are some interesting trivia about this yearly event from the National Home Show website (www.nationalhomeshow.com):

Who Attends

  • 94% are homeowners
  • 62% attend to see new products
  • 79% will only attend our show
  • $100,000+ average household income – our attendees will spend $543,854,800 – $836,890,400 with companies who participate in the show within the next 12 months
  • 70% are 35-59 years of age
  • 52% are female, 48% are male
  • 76% came in search of new ideas & inspiration
  • 79% talked to exhibitors about a project they are working on
  • 37% came  to buy a specific product or service. 
Why They Attend

  • 62% are looking for Gardening (landscape or patio deck project)
  • 47% are looking for Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation
  • 49% are looking for Home Decor/Design Project (painting, new home furnishings)
  • 32% are looking for Doors/Windows and or Flooring
  • 23% are looking for Exterior of House (roofing, siding, driveway, garage)
  • 11% are looking for Building a new house/vacation home
  • 27% are looking for Home Electronics/Lighting/Appliances
  • 23% are looking for Energy Efficiency upgrades/Green Products
  • 20% are looking for Contractor/Service (painter, renovator, organizer)

The Brampton Mandarin MS Walk


Multiple Sclerosis is something that many Canadians and other people around the world deal with on an everyday basis. MS can cause ongoing problems like fatigue, numbness, balance and coordination issues and vision problems.

Even though it is still a little under two months away, the Brampton Mandarin MS Walk is quickly approaching. The exact date for this event is Sunday, May 3rd. Over the years, I have enjoyed taking part in this important event in the Flower City.


I’m very much looking forward to this spring’s walk. This fundraising event is to help make life a little bit better and easier for Canadians who live with multiple sclerosis. The money raised goes to long-term research for more promising therapies. It also helps people with basic everyday needs, too.

Click the link below for details so you can get involved. 🙂