Creative Ways to Staying Cool on Hot Summer Days

Hot. Hot. Hot.

For many people, the summer season is always a welcomed season during the year. There are always lots to do during the summer, but the summer days in Brampton and in Peel Region are getting hotter and hotter. 30 plus temperatures with high humidity. Little wind and sizzling, sticky air. There are many ways people keep cool on these days, such as drinking lots of water, wearing loose clothing and staying in the shade. To help keep your cool, I have a few other ways.

1) Cooler showers
Instead taking a typical hot shower, to keep your body cool, take a lukewarm shower instead. Just make it warm enough.

2) No cooking with the stove
This may seem silly, yes, but if you want to cook hot food during hot summer days, use a BBQ. Why? A kitchen stove is in an area of your home that is smaller  (thus building up heat) than where you would be cooking with a BBQ, which is normally outdoors.

3) Freezing sheets
A few minutes before you head to bed, stick your bed sheets in a plastic bag and then place them in your fridge or freezer. Please note that this will not keep you cool all night long, however, it will keep you cool long enough to fall asleep.

4) Go low
If you have a basement in your home, spend some time down there as basement level rooms are normally cooler.

5) Don’t move around
During extremely hot days, doing things like exercising or playing sports isn’t a great idea. Wait until the evening air rolls around when it will be cooler.

Bonus! If you are in Brampton, a great place to cool down is Wild Water Kingdom. Tons of fun for the whole family!


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